Beeston New Deal: Further Thoughts and Bigging Up The Civic Society.

A week on, and I’m still getting sent great ideas from Beestonians. So many have arrived, either in comments here, email, or people saying hello on the street, Facebook mesages and texts…hugely encouraging. I’m  slowly working my way through them all, but had a couple of days stuck in bed with a ninja-style flu, which crept up on me silently, and rendered me useless for far too long. If you have written in, then I will eventually reply. I will also collate more ideas online somewhere, some truly fascinating stuff has been recieved and many offers of help, advice and support. It’s rather overwhelming: and that’s not a complaint.

Sketchy ideas so far seem to lean towards a steering group, possibly in league with the Civic Society, and open to all suggestions, acting proactively to get our wish-list worked out and implemented. The other is setting up a ‘creative quarter’: an idea supported virtually unanimously and with a fair degree of excitement. This is not strictly a new idea, and has been bandied round for a while, but it seems this could be a key time to implement it. How, where, when etc are things I will be working on.

I would encourage you to go back to my previous post and read through the comments, and get involved there: some of the ideas are fascinating and would benefit being reviewed and argued for and against. Quick point though: I mention a petition for a clock ran by Sheila from The Beeston Express (the petition is ran by Sheila, not the clock. Well, I assume so). Sheila has pointed out that the petition has now been closed and passed to Councillor Carr for consideration, so no emails that way please.

For those on Facebook, I am considering setting up a ‘page’ on there as a repositary and discussion forum for ideas. I co-run one already for The Beestonian, but am keen not to swamp that site with ideas, or dilute it in stuff not strictly to do with development and Beeston New Deal. If you’d like to help me run the page (moderate comments, etc) get in touch. It’s a fairly easy job but benefits from having a few people oversee it just in case one moderator is too busy to keeep an eye on it.

I’ll hopefully have something more concrete in the next post, so please stay tuned while I work through my messages. In the meantime, please have a look at the fantastic Beeston Civic Society, who have been incredibly supportive and full of great ideas. They’ve been looking after Beeston for as long as I’ve been on this planet -40 years- and, despite being in excellent shape, could always do with new members. Membership? It’s a snip at £7 for an individual, £10 for a couple, for a year. This gives you free entry to their many events, and a quarterly newsletter which is a cracking read (I contribute an occasional column, and feel very honoured to do so). As an interim measure, it’s a great way to get involved in the civic life -and we’re rich with it-of this town).


6 thoughts on “Beeston New Deal: Further Thoughts and Bigging Up The Civic Society.

  1. patranne says:

    Some years ago a group (including my mum, that’s how I know about it) did a series of large mosaics around Exeter. The first was in a school playground; it was so much liked that they got a commission from the council for a nearby community centre; then several multi-storey car parks and a shopping centre walkway, more schools and a pedestrian railway arch at St Thomas’s station. Local people were invited to donate broken crockery, and the themes were taken from Exeter’s history, or in the case of the schools from myths and endangered species. I have a booklet of them produced by the council if anyone is interested to see it (put a comment and I can get in touch).
    Mosaic done properly is more durable than paint, and can really brighten up a public space (such as The Square?) If any mosaicists are up for such a project, it could be a way of making the area more interesting and lively visually.

  2. beestoncs says:

    Reblogged this on Beeston & District Civic Society and commented:
    Great post from our fellow member Matt over at Beestonia’s Blog!

  3. vintagemaid says:

    I have long wondered why independent shopkeepers don’t alter their opening times. Beeston could become a place where one could go shopping in the evening. This would boost their trade – the reason we all trug off to the supermarkets is because they are open after we have finished work. Independent traders could delay their opening til, say, 12 noon and then stay open til 8 in the evening. This would incur no additional staff costs, but it would require a change in lifestyle admittedly. But how cool, Beeston could become the place where people congregate for cultural / art and also interesting leisurely evening shopping – and you could buy your locally sourced fruit and veg at the same time.

  4. Chris says:

    I support this view modern working life has changed significantly but many things have not. Almost all shops, cafés, banks etc are closed by 5:30pm in the week and Sundays. As much as I want to support them this leaves me only Saturday in which I have to do everything and pushes me reluctantly to the usual big names.

  5. Mike says:

    You need to add your new blog to your own blogroll. (And the old election blog.) Else it can’t be found. Not by Google.
    But I suggest moving the articles over to the main blog. Similar for Facebook. You’re too thinly spread otherwise.

    • beestonia says:

      Cheers Mike, was keeping it purposely out of sight while I toyed with it, but think I’ll push it a bit more now.

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