Continuum Beeston/ The Star is Rising / Issue 24 of The Beestonian…is GO!/ Jim ‘Beeston’s Pete Seegar’ Dunn goes viral…

Readers of the Beeston Express would have caught the latest edition’s  story: ‘Continuum, Beeston…’, which explained where the Beeston New Deal initiative goes from here. If you missed it, then I’ll fill you in: tomorrow I will be meeting with Sheila, editor of The Beeston Express, and a hand-picked group of local experts including Beeston BID, Beeston’s town centre manager, Beeston Civic Society and others to examine and evaluate the huge amount of good ideas sent over since the meeting. The intention is to get the best ideas put into practise, pushing them directly onto the people who can make them happen.

We’re named this ‘Continuum Beeston’, and Sheila has taken the reins. These won’t be public meetings, more a steering group to get stuff done. Anything I get sent though, whether in the comments here, on Facebook, email or approaching me in the pub will be represented by myself at the forthcoming meetings.

I’ve already expressed my pleasant surprise at the avalanche of idea I’ve received, and apologise that I have only been able to reply to a small fraction of these: I assure you though, if you’ve sent something in, I’ve read it. If you’ve approached me in the pub however, I might have forgot it depending on the amount of booze that followed.

So this is really just a last call for ideas, and a promise from myself that I will go to tomorrow’s meeting with a high degree of intent to get stuff pushed through. This is a real chance to get the people who can affect change in this town, who hold the purse strings, who understand the way planning works, who understand the civic fabric, and let them know that we, as Beestonians want.


Some interesting new businesses are coming here on their own accord, I’m happy to announce. The Star will be reopening in spring, designed and ran by the team behind the phenomenally successful Horse and Jockey, Stapleford, which has now won Pub of the Year with Notts CAMRA two years running. It looks like live music could be strong part of it’s reopening, which means that we now have a staggeringly impressive amount of venues showing off how creatively wonderful we are. I’m going along to see what to expect in a few days: I’ll report back my thoughts.

I also here that the long-lamented Library restaurant is returning under a new guise, a French restaurant called ‘Table 8’. Again, more as I get it.

Not a new business, but The Bean coffee bar, one of Beeston’s most successful independents, as gone through a total refit and is now reopened. Although it’s a bit confusing to adopt to the new things in there: newspapers on wooden poles? The milk jug moved to a different place? Toasties being served? Change. The older I get, the scarier it becomes.


Issue 24 of The Beestonian is out at last! Or will be when I collect it once I’ve finished writing this. It’s been a bastard to get to print due to me being ill, my assistant being ill, then, just as it went to print, our printer getting ill. If you fancy a gawp from the comfort of your own home/workplace (tut) then it’s online and resplendent here:

I’ve also just found I have a bunch of Beestonian t-shirts in stock, so if you fancy an utterly unique (well, one of 50) bit of local apparel then drop me a line and I’ll get one over. Free delivery in NG9!


And finally, local folk-legend Jim Dunn got in touch with me earlier this week wondering if I could shed a light on why a video he made some time ago, where he sings a paean to our town’s main pedestrian through-fare, seemed to be getting loads of hits. It’s been online for ages, attracting a few hits here and there, but recently seems to have gone viral, picking up 3,000 hits in a matter of days. Seems afer we posted it on our FB site  ( join here! It’s updated more often than here) it’s been picked up on a few other sites and as such, become a local hit. Have a gander below:

15 thoughts on “Continuum Beeston/ The Star is Rising / Issue 24 of The Beestonian…is GO!/ Jim ‘Beeston’s Pete Seegar’ Dunn goes viral…

  1. dispic1 says:

    I seem to recall that the restaurant “the library” was previously a restaurant called ” le toque”.
    It was a shame that the library changed its format and menu as that seemed to ve when the problems started. Prior to this change it was always full.
    Do you know if the restaurant will be run by the same or different owners

  2. Marysia Zipser says:

    Great to hear about the ‘Continuum Beeston’ meeting happening tomorrow – keep the flag flying for us Matt! Love the rumour about a French restaurant too – can I hint at a Polish bakery, Krakowia coffee/book shop and restaurant for Chilwell High Road…oh, and 2 Beestonian T-shirts for Marcus and I – 1 medium 1 large. 71, NG9 1NQ. En fin, j’adore le Beeston film et chanson de folk – bravo Jim Dunn!

  3. Karen says:

    Would it be possible for you to list the ideas which you are taking to tthe steering group meeting on our behalf?

  4. Jenny says:

    Keep up the great work, Matt, you are doing such a fantastic job for Beeston residents. (And, Marysia, a Polish bakery…yes please!)

  5. Gill Farmer says:

    Your, very considerable efforts, to make all the recent upheaval in Beeston into a positive change are much appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Christopher Frost says:

    Be great to see some positive action in Beeston at long last, and I don’t mean just more holes in the ground, or a few more cones in the road. Out of interest, what’s special about Polish bakeries. What do they have that Birds or the Homemade Bakery don’t?

  7. Paul Dennis says:

    Hi Matt.
    1 medium t-shirt would be cool to do some trendsetting round the town…
    1, NG92DN
    Paul – Comet spotter

  8. Steve Moss says:

    yes please a bakery would be good – any nationality would do really.

  9. Mike says:

    So the Beeston Initiative is disappearing behind closed doors and out of sight. Into a deep dark hole to be forever forgotten.
    Will there not be a webpage to inform the locals of any progress? It could begin with listing the various ideas and then update their progress after each meeting.
    (As an aside, the Beeston Express website hasn’t been updated since 8th November and has lost its archives.)

    • beestonia says:

      Far from it Mike: I’ve just posted up my first thoughts on the meeting, and will do so a little faster last time, but had a ridiculously busy week booking a wedding and all the stuff that goes round that, as well as published the latest issue of the mag. I would like to set up a seperate webpage about Contnuum Beeston, which can be used as an open forum. The reason I do all this is to bust through the seemingly opaque nature of civic decisions in Beeston: I was annoyed at the percieved democratic detachment. I will willingly answer any question directly also: please feel free to email me directly and I’ll do my best to answer asap.

  10. where is all this at, Matt? Haven’t seen anything about it for a while – in BE or elsewhere…? Ta.

  11. Table 8 says:

    Please note we are not a rebranding of the ‘Library’. If you would like some information please contact us. Yours Table 8

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