Improvements to Beeston: Broxtowe’s Plans.

This is my 300th post on Beestonia,so was going to be something sentimental, indulgent and whimsically nostalgic. Yet I’m too busy for that, so I’ll save it for my 500th post, sometime around November.

I mentioned before that I the first meeting of Continuum Beeston was attended by Broxtowe Borough Council’s Head of the Built Envionment, John Delaney. He presented the steering group with a draft list of the Council’s planned improvements to Beeston centre in anticipation of it’s relaunch, costed and assessed. I was keen to get this out to a wider audience as it is still in the draft stage, the list ‘operational’, ie: open for public asessment and input. He’s now sent this over and I’ve decided to print it in full. Note the two costings, ‘economy’ and ‘maximum’: quite a gulf; so even individual ideas presented here have a wide possibility of the extent in which they are carried out. Some ideas are pretty routine, others a little more imaginative.

In return, I have sent John and his team the document I compiled through my own consultation, through comments here, notes from the New Deal Meeting and other places.

(Oh, it might not be the easiest thing to see, so probably best to download. I’ve just spent the best part of an hour swearing at MS Excel and it’s utter rubbishness)

Suggestions, as ever, very welcome: