Oxjamming Down The Star Inn

October seems a long way off. The buds that are bursting through on the trees will have to leave, go from green to gold and begin to fall. The lengthening days will be in retreat, our yet-to-get tans fading.

So why talk of Oxjam? It’s ages off, innit?

Well, the main event is, but Oxjam is more than just a one-off festival. It’s become, over the past few years, an ongoing celebration of Beeston, with a diverse bunch of events we raise awareness and fund-raise at. These are never dour, worthy occasions, but fun events, ranging from the mini-festival in Broadgate Park last year, a packed Ceilidh; a caketastic bake-off and lots of other bits and bobs. Such activity helped us to win Oxfam’s Community Award last year, and contributed to our incredible doubling of our fund-raising target.

This year is no different, yet more ambitious, varied and exciting. Some of our ideas are still not fully-formed, and not ready to announce just yet. But some stuff is ready to shout about, and we’ll be officially launching the 2014 Beeston Oxjam this evening at The Star Inn.

Entry is an incredible zero pounds, zero pence, and all are welcome. We’ll be signing up volunteers, having an ale, and giving you an incredible line up of bands that have graced  Oxjam before, and hopefully will do again. If you’re in a band, then come down and we’ll have a chat about playing.

So come on down, say hello, and watch live performances from the excellent Molly and Jack;  the reigning Hop Pole Songwriter of the Year Emma Bladon Jones;  shooting star Josh Kemp and Beeston legends The Phil Langran Band.

Since you’re probably winding down for the long weekend now (this is one time of year I envy those with proper jobs) whet your appetite with the following videos, then come on down and we’ll have a bit of a party, ok?