Beeston Continuum: Very Special Open Meeting / On yer bike / Beestonia ditches Bachelorhood

Stuff seems to accelerate as we hurtle towards the summer. Winter’s stasis is replaced with spring’s burgeoning intensity, and my inbox starts looking as bursting as Eric Pickle’s cummerbund.

There are loads of things going on over the next few weeks, and I can’t always fit them on here, or even in The Beestonian, but try and get them on our Facebook site which we update several times daily. Hopefully we can incorporate some sort of calendar on there so you can plan your summer with ease. There really is loads going on.

Possibly the most crucial event on the horizon takes place next Friday, the 9th, at John Clifford school. From 7.30pm, we will be having the first public meeting of the Beeston Continuum project that came about as a result of the ‘Beeston New Deal’ meeting I held with Nick Palmer in January. I have missed last two steering group meetings due to other commitments, but heard they have been vibrant affairs stuffed with good ideas.

Thus, these discussions, evaluations and ideas need a public airing. The starting point of the initiative is local democracy in the town: letting residents, so often at the mercy of planners and developers, have a say. The event is being ran by Beeston and District Civic Society, as an extraordinary meeting.

Movie that's pure gold

Dr Palmer and myself will be hosting, alongside a very special guest, Professor Martyn Poliakoff. I’ve long been a fan of the Professor, writing this way back in 2009 before I’d ever met him. I then had the great privilege of interviewing for a piece for The Beestonian, and found him as charming as he is intelligent. As well as a fantastic scientist, he’s a civic minded chap and bursting with good ideas. It will be great to hear his input.

We’ll also have a wealth of local groups and influential individuals, and think it will be a positive, forward thinking meeting on how we can shape Beeston’s destiny. It’s free to Civic Society members, non-members can make a donation towards room hire costs at their discretion.

I really hope you can make it down: as Beeston changes rapidly, we need to know from you where the town should be heading.


Issue 26 of The Beestonian should be out later in the weekend, and it’s by far our most wonderful one yet, stuffed with news, opinions, a board game, cartoon wonderfulness, Frodo Baggins and much, much more. Incredibly, it’s still utterly free…


Cyclists! Here’s a new initiative setting up tomorrow, and ongoing throughout the Summer: BEESTON CYCLE CENTRE A5 FLYER (click to enlarge)

I’ll be running a new pub quiz at The White Lion on a monthly basis, starting on Tuesday 13th May. This will be NOT like the usual pub quiz, but a lot more experimental….and some excellent prizes. Mark it in your diary, now.

And finally, I best mention that I might not be very prolific with this blog over the next two weeks. In exactly a fortnight I’ll be marrying my beautiful fiancée, and then having a big party before she changes her mind.

Why marry? It’s a question I dwelled on recently, before writing this for the Nottingham Post

One thought on “Beeston Continuum: Very Special Open Meeting / On yer bike / Beestonia ditches Bachelorhood

  1. Jenny Swann says:

    Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage and may you have many, many happy days ahead

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