Just a quick note to correct my last post: the correct time for the Civic Society / Beeston Continuum meeting on May 9th is 7.30pm, not 7pm.

Of course you’re welcome to come along at seven, and look like the sad cases who queue for Apple products. We won’t let you in till 7.30, so we recommend wearing layers and a waterproof, and perhaps bring some sandwiches.

One thought on “Correction!

  1. Great to be at yesterday’s meeting about the future of Beeston and to hear Martyn Poliakoff’s vision. Only sorry not to have the chance to speak, so I thought I’d share my initial thoughts (which I’ve also sent to John Delaney)…

    I’m really inspired by Martyn’s vision of some kind of Centre for Sustainability, or sustainability building which is the centre of a sustainable town and which attracts people and investment. Involving Nottingham University architecture students to help come up with some designs is a fabulous idea. But we have 2 universities in Nottingham. What about using the skills and expertise of both universities? How great would it be to give both universities the opportunity to work with each other and to draw on their specialisms, which would give the students at each an brilliant, real-life project to work on in their locality? Nottingham University has architecture and horticulture/agriculture and biology departments, Nottingham Trent has law and business school departments….and both may have other departments that could get involved in a project of this size and importance in the area. And what about local colleges who provide hospitality training getting involved in making the hotel element a reality?

    It also occurs to me that Beeston needs some form of real community the full sense of the term. A Centre for Sustainability will provide an attraction for people from outside the town, but we also need somewhere where local people will want to come. So the building will need elements such as coffee/tea/meeting facility, and a space that can be used flexibly for large meetings/conferences, theatre, cinema and other art forms, and perhaps even a solar-powered, state-of-the-art swimming pool.

    The community and sustainability elements can be further developed by using the centre to sell local crafts and produce – a specialist retail outlet that adds something to the local area and to the sustainability agenda, run perhaps mainly by volunteers. Beeston market could be revitalised (long overdue!) to meet in the square, overflowing from the centre, on at least a weekly basis, with pop-up outdoor coffee/tea/meeting facilities when the weather is good, to give further attraction to the area.

    The centre could also provide a hub for cycling and walking – with cycles for hire, good signage and routes available on the doorstep to key, local attractions such as the Nature Reserve, Nottingham University and Highfields, Beeston train station, the tram, shops, Broadgate park, other local parks, and eventually HS2.

    Involving youngsters in the project is crucial to its future, so the involvement of the local universities (and colleges?) could be key to this. So will be the involvement of local schools. Sustainability is on the school curriculum, so the centre could be a a great way of supporting this. I am currently working with 19 schools on a ‘Brilliant Notts’ project, involving 1000 primary school children in learning how to become more positive and confident. They are working on spreading their learning to their schools and local communicates. A similar model, with pupils coming to learn about sustainability and then working on projects back in their schools and communities, could become a draw for not just Nottinghamshire schools but across the country.

    I love the idea of a roof garden – which could be further developed as a place to relax, meet people and drink coffee/tea – and of ‘Bees’ton, incorporating the ‘bees’ theme perhaps in ensuring the sustainability of the bee population, and in logo/design elements. And if the Nature Reserve(s) can become part of the centre in some way, perhaps particularly through enhancing the routes between the centre of Beeston and these areas with signage, pedestrian/cycle paths, and trees, so much the better.

    Just some thoughts…….


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