Beeston’s Tomorrows at Tomorrow’s Meeting / Enter Parliament…for just £15

We’re just one day away from the Civic Society meeting on Continuum Beeston, which I’ll be co-hosting with Prof Martyn Poliakoff, Chair of The Civic Society; and Nick Palmer. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting meeting.

While I’ve been slightly out the loop with Beeston Continuum due to other commitments, I’ve been catching up and and massively impressed with some of the concepts that have been developed, and am looking forward to revealing more tomorrow.

Yet it’s not a one-way street. We need you to attend to still give new ideas, tell us what you think about the ones we already have, and get involved. The most staggering thing I’ve discovered about writing about Beeston is how civic minded people are: the desire to shape the town’s destiny is spiriting: I’m proud to live in a town that cares that much. Maybe it’s a recent thing, a ‘blitz-spirit’mentality bought on by the tram works and Square development?

I think it goes deeper than that. Working on projects such as this has bought me into contact with a diverse amount of groups doing wonderful work over Beeston, and have been doing so for years, without shouting about it as much as I do. Any group like that needs new members, please consider getting involved: they will be plenty of chances tomorrow night.


It’s exactly a year to the day till the General Election results, and thus politics will be pretty inescapable for the next 365 days. Westminster shenanigans often seem remote, so I thoroughly recommend a trip to the Commons arranged by our industrious neighbours over at the Stapleford Community Group. For just £15, you can join them on a day trip to Parliament (or simply take one look at Big Ben then pop round the shops for a few hours). More details here:


See you all tomorrow!