Beestonia v BBC; New Beestonian; Fracking Good Times at Film Club/ Clifton: the pits? / Watts Going Down in Newark?/CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE.


Strange days indeed. Sometime last week, I got a call from Nick Higham, BBC reporter, who was arranging a conference for BBC execs in Salford about hyperlocal media and thought *here* might be a good example. So if you turn on BBC news in a few weeks and notice everyone has been sacked and replaced by a sole, slightly drunk reporter cribbing stories from tip-offs in pub gardens, I’m to blame.

That other wing of my burgeoning media empire, The Beestonian, now has a new edition out, and one I didn’t edit as I was too busy gallivanting up aisles and Scottish hills. There are a few copies out in the usual stockists right now, otherwise have a gander at our super-futuristic e-reader thing here:

The Beestonian Film Club returns on Monday (16th) with an exclusive showing of Gasland 2, presented by Frack Free Notts. Tickets are £7.50, which includes a meal from veggie warrior queen Roya, doors 7.15pm. Tickets are shifting fast and we’ve sold out the last few events, so drop a line to headed ‘FILM CLUB’ and I’ll reserve you a place.

‘What’s happened to The Beestonian Film?’ I hear you cry. Worry not, it’s nearing completion: after I finish this post I’m off to Toton to meet the editor to see what wizardry he’s done to our masterpiece…it’s likely to be out very, very soon..

Back to green issues: there’s been plans submitted to dig the South side of the Trent to extract gravel, and local opposition has already responded. The area mooted is home to a mini-nature reserve that is an informal extension to Attenborough, with a huge diversity of species, see this great website for more details. There’s also been otters spotted nearby. Now, obviously Attenborough was, and still is at it’s furthest reaches, a quarry. So should we be concerned at the prospect of more quarrying, if it’s eventually returned to nature? This group thinks so: , let me know your thoughts.

On the subject of green issues, the Green Party PPC for Broxtowe 2015 David Kirwan beat the 2010 PPC David Watts into 6th place at the recent Newark by-election. I stayed up to watch the result, and it was odd to be tweeting the candidates as Michael Crick pounced on them. Watts, who has stated he won’t be running in 2015 (expect a paper candidate: I have a name but I’ll wait for official confirmation before divulging), took the result, the worst in any by-election, in good spirits: ‘I always wanted to set records in the Lib Dems’, he quipped. He also was memorably, and unfairly described by not-a-tenth-as-funny-as-he-thinks-he-is Mail nobcheese Quentin Letts as ‘Sweet fellow, grubby shirt’. Watts assures us that he had a clean shirt on, and for a man like Letts so oleaginous he leaves a slug-trail in his wake, to accuse others of sartorial lacking is a bit rich.

The Lib Dems have effectively ruled out any real hope of grabbing Broxtowe: it was a distant hope in 2010, and an utter non-starter in 2015. Retaining the deposit and expending resources on the Borough seats (2015 will be a dual election here, with Broxtowe Borough seats to fight for) look like the key aims. Meanwhile, Brontosaurus in a suit Nigel Farage has stated Broxtowe is in his top ten key battleground seats, which could stir things up as the Tories will be defending this key marginal. The UKIP vote here, as evidenced in the County elections (err, no seats won) is not strong enough to be a real threat, but it’s a real headache for Soubry.

Oh, Church of the Militant Elvis Buspass Party and their fantastic leader, Lord Biro, got 87 votes. Deposit lost, but I’m sure Dave, aka Lord B, enjoyed the day out in Newark’s pubs.

And finally…we have the return of The Great Beeston Bakeoff in aid of Oxjam at the end of the month (28th). Last year was a cracking cakey success, and this year promises to be bigger, better and even tougher on our poor judges. Get your entries in NOW, and if you don’t fancy baking a cake, then you will fancy eating one. Mark it in the diary and start fasting now. Entry form, and more details, here.

2 thoughts on “Beestonia v BBC; New Beestonian; Fracking Good Times at Film Club/ Clifton: the pits? / Watts Going Down in Newark?/CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE.

  1. Steve Carr says:

    Would love to know how you know about our candidate Matt. We don’t LOL

  2. Steve Carr says:

    Oh. There is a debate to be had about UKIP. Our estimates (usually pretty good) were that UKIP got over 50% of the vote in Stapleford N & W, Beeston Central and Rylands and Chilwell West. It is by no way certain that UKIP will hurt the Tories. In Newark, LibDems and Labour supporters were telling us that they were voting Tory to keep them out. It is not at all certain where tactical votes will go. And of course, with two elections on the same day, the experience in the past is that huge amounts of cross voting takes place.
    Interesting times ahead.

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