Crown Inn Glory!

Hurrah! It’s rare for a blog here to have such an instant success, but then again, when the article was against something so absurd, it’s perhaps not so surprising.

Today, Broxtowe Borough Council u-turned and agreed that the Crown’s marquee can stay. I dropped in to see the manager, Alan, who was grinning so much his ears were threatening emergency evacuation. Apparently, the decision was seen in BBC’s eyes as ridiculous and thus reversed, with a proviso they formally submit an official application for the marquee, which, as long as it doesn’t involve knocking down all surrounding walls and include a lap-dancing club, will be nodded through. 

I had communications with some councillors yesterday after I posted the blog who agreed that the letter to remove the marquee was punative and misguided, and should have never been sent. While I acknowledge that these rules are in place for a reason – developers who put profit over heritage are far too ready to rip down the ancient fabric of a community – there has to be a grey area of discretion, a more nuanced approach to overseeing the urban environment that ironically calls for a greater deal of council action: some call it bureaucracy, others, oversight – whatever, we need to ensure the representatives and officers that rule over this town ensure a level of oversight that is fluent, rather than concrete. 

Well done Beestonians. I know a fair few of you would have emailed your representatives, at Borough, County and even Parliamentary level. Stuff like that does work, especially in the few months running up to an election (less than 11 before all Borough reps; as well as our MP are at our mercy). Now, go support your local pubs, we are blessed with the fact we are a pub town. I don’t need to tell you to go drink down them with much pleading: but perhaps, if you see a councillor at the bar, buy them a drink offer up a high-five. 


Summer and otters. Two words that make everybody happy. I went to the Attenborough Nature Centre earlier to talk all things otter. Much joy. You can read my resultant spoutings, along with a wealth of other local wonder, in the next issue of The Beestonian, out next week.

Summer and Cake. Oh, how wonderful is that!? Wonderful indeed. If you don’t disagree, we have a treat for you. Saturday is the second Oxjam Beeston Bake Off, and you’re invited. Doesn’t matter if you don’t bake, merely like to nom nom nom down cakes, come along. It’s free. We really do need more entries: our fundraising is all to do with selling the cakes, so we need cake. Or bread, or cheese sticks, or any bit of baked glory you fancy. 

Get your fingers off the touchscreen and onto the keyboard, and fill in this form. I’ll see you over tea and cake, cake, cake and more cake on Saturday:


Once it’s all over, we’ll be heading down the (reprieved) Crown for a Chinese food, Crazy Heart playing live and a special surprise around nine pm for all fans of this blog…..