Tory Meltdown: Soubry Calls Constituent A Liar; Tory Campaign Manager Seems to Agree, Runs Off When Challenged.

Wow. Am I become the new Nostradamus (Nottstradamus?). Just hours after I published the last article about the way certain local politicos bully, Soubry pulls off an act of such stunning point-proving I thought it best not to go on the planned bike ride I’d set my hearty on, but make sure people see what is happening. It’s  a meltdown on par with that other bastion of Conservative values, The Telegraph.

I tweeted that I still haven’t heard from Soubry’s office about whether the monitoring of my Facebook page was paid for with public money. I’m thinking of launching a FOI to see if this is a common practise: it’s certainly a bit sinister. A fellow tweeter sent me a reply not to hold my breath…and this happened:


Erm, did that really happen? Did Anna Soubry really just publicly call a constituent a liar? Incredible.

When challenged by the constituent (a girl guide leader, but that matters little, it’s a bullying, appalling slur to throw at someone in any walk of life) she went quiet and refused to answer. Then, as if by magic, Anna’s chief defender, Conservative Campaign Manager  Michelle Patel appeared and took over, trying to deflect the heat onto me. I asked her, in a straight forward manner, if she condoned or condemned this insulting behaviour towards a constituent. She refused to answer, with a squirmy evasion that would have made Michael Howard proud:



When asked directly by the constituent, who probably was increasingly bemused by this bizarre behaviour, she pretended she wasn’t connected to Soubz….




errrm…here maybe?


She then decided she didn’t want to be part of this anymore, and flounced off, leaving the question unanswered….


This is the level of debate. Smear, then run. Do not try and engage, insult, patronise, evade.

Anna Soubry called for Milan Radulovic to resign when he called a constituent to ‘fucking grow up’ on Facebook, when she called him a ‘bastard’. Surely by her own standards she should either make a public apology to the constituent or stand down from her post. This is no way to treat the people that pay your wage, the people you pledge to represent. They are their servants. Don’t let them treat us like their playthings.

6 thoughts on “Tory Meltdown: Soubry Calls Constituent A Liar; Tory Campaign Manager Seems to Agree, Runs Off When Challenged.

  1. Dane says:

    She makes me laugh. I first voted during the thatcher years and would identify really as a tory voter, would soubs get my vote? Not a cat in hells chance

  2. harry says:

    Its classic Soubs. She interprets political disagreements purely in terms of you being factually wrong. Her default position is either a) you’re lying, or b) you’re completely ignorant.

  3. AJ says:

    Matt, wow. I thought your hypocrisy could not be any clearer, in reading this I realise I was wrong…

    You were silent regarding Milan Radulovic’s sweary rant at one of his constituents, where he clearly used a swear word (it’s all documented on Facebook!) You were silent about his ‘explanation’ where he was, again, disparaging towards his constituent. You were silent, no wait – you DEFENDED racist comments made by another Labour Councillor about a local Green Party Councillor.

    However, you pick Soubry up on telling someone to please not tell lies, after she was accused of not being interested in constituents’ letters. You are truly beyond belief!

    Let’s face it, no-one takes what you write seriously anymore. Anyone in Broxtowe, even those who don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye, understand that you’re somebody who is obsessed. You are obsessed with Soubry and with flinging any kind of mud in her direction. I fully understand why she’s blocked you, and the fact she still sends any acknowledgment to your letters means she’s a far more patient person than I.

    I used to respect you as a person who I genuinely thought wanted what was best for the community. Maybe deep inside you do. But your constant trolling of Soubry and clear personal agenda does you absolutely no favours and I believe has lost you a lot of support.

    Dissent is a necessary part of a democracy and there are many bloggers who put their points forward in persuasive, intelligent and thought-provoking ways. Even if I disagree with them I read what they say, because I’m interested in hearing a different perspective. The pettiness and prejudice that is at the heart of everything you write means that, sadly, I can’t do that with you.

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