Yes, it’s true. After the Tory manifesto launch this morning, Soubry took to Twitter to offer up her thoughts, and seemingly wanted to stress a surprise pledge….


While I haven’t read Labour’s manifesto, I don’t think they put any opening for a coalition in it.


Last night’s hustings, eh? I’ve never been to such a well attended political meeting before: or such a lively one. I’m going to write up a proper report later. I’ve not got time to right now, due to having a long session of root-canal surgery in an hour. Don’t feel sorry for me, please, it’s actually going to be a doddle compared with the time I spend observing certain politicians.

A few key points of last night though:

* Soubry refused to agree to challenge the Local Government Settlement for Broxtowe – the worst in the country- as ‘Broxtowe manages it’s finances well’ . Which is rather bizarre logic: acting prudently is punished? Meanwhile, local authorities in safe Tory home county seats all receive MORE in their settlement. Caring for Broxtowe, eh, Anna? She later complained that ‘no-one asked a question about local issues’ errr, I know you’re good at blocking out stuff you don’t want to hear, but I asked the question – click here to make sure she does address it if she is elected.

* Trident: Not a local issue, but an interesting response. Nick stated that he would vote AGAINST renewal as it was a ‘white elephant’, and the money spent on addressing the real threats to national security – you can’t nuke a terrorist cell in Dudley, can you? The Rant Room responded in typical tasteful fashion by superimposing a picture of Palmer having his head sawn off by an ISIS terrorist. Keep it classy, guys.

* Guy going ape: the meeting descended into farce when an old soldier, decked in medals, stood up and went into a lengthy tirade at Soubry about having served in Afghanistan, but now having his pension removed. It was difficult to hear what the point was, even when he held up a pre-written placard, but it took ten minutes to have him removed. At first, I saw him as an annoyance, but later, thinking back, I felt a real sadness. The guy must have a really strong sense of being cheated, a real sense of a lack of justice, to get so worked up. If anyone knows who he was, and can put me in touch, please do. I’d like to hear his story – albeit over a cup of tea, not screamed out of a screeching PA.

* Soubry calling those who sign-on ‘Shameful‘. The exact structure of the sentence was unclear from the notes I later compared with others, but the implication was clear: being out of work is something to be ashamed of. Unsurprisingly, when her government forces the unemployed to jump through so many hoops they will eventually falter, be sanctioned, and have to take recourse in foodbanks. Shameful, Anna, Shameful. Edit: People are claiming several different versions of what was said here. From my notes, the context was Soubry was talking about Palmer signing on, and accusing him of doing it as a ‘middle-class experiment’ (it’s actual a legal requirement if you want to keep paying NI). She said ‘it is a shameful experience for many’: as in Palmer was taking a holiday in other people’s misery. It still reinforces the stigma towards the benefits system that the unemployed are subject to: rather than being a process one pays for, then uses, its an experience akin to begging for alms.

A pretty good, lively hustings, showing that Beeston is a place that cares about this election. I was walled in by Conservative Councillors, one who had the audacity to accuse me and my ex-colleague friend sitting by me as ‘Palmer plants’. This from a politician, and a dedicated brown-nosed one at that.


Some curious and explosive news developing involving a public meeting a wannabe councillor and the police….stay tuned for whats shaping up to be a bit of a scandal which I’m frustratingly can’t talk about yet … I’m off to get my mouth numbed into submission to make sure.


  1. Pogue Mahone says:

    Is this me being accused of a “Palmer plant?”

    • beestonia says:

      Yep, and the nice guy – who I’ve never met before – sitting next to us. I thought that description would tickle you, Dave.

      • Pogue Mahone says:

        I must say he was quite a nice chap although very wrong in his assumption, which Councillor was it?

      • beestonia says:

        Oh, not the guy sitting next to us, he seemed a good chap. The guy in front of us a few down who asked the planted question.

  2. rutty says:

    I’m ex-military too and obviously concerned about how future governments might mess up our military pensions. I’ll see if I can find out who this fella is, though as we were probably in different services (I was in the RAF) we will have different local contacts.

    • beestonia says:

      That would be great, Rutty. I’m from a military family also (I was born on a nuclear sub base), but my dad got lucky and got out while the pensions were still strong.

  3. rutty says:

    …also, after reading Ms Soubry’s tweet several time I think I may have deciphered it. She is hoping that Labour’s manifesto allows them the option for a coalition (with the SNP, most likely) as they will need it to get in. Or, something like that, anyway.

  4. It’s a shame that guy wouldn’t sit down for so long because I think he probably had a lot of sympathy, from the outset, only to lose some by overstaying his welcome. But yes, I would like to know more about his story.

  5. Js says:

    God forbid me defending Anna Soubry but I think what she said was taken totally out of context. Nick was saying that he signed on as an experiment and she shouted shameful, I think it was intended to mean He was shameful for doing it not that People were shameful for claiming. It really all got a bit out of hand then.

  6. Pogue Mahone says:

    Have to agree with the above comment as much as it hurts.

  7. Toffin says:

    Anna Soubry definitely did NOT say that signing on was shameful. I was there and her words have been shamefully misreported for political ends. Shame on you for perpetuating what was a disgraceful smear repeated over and over again by Nick Palmer and certain partisan members of the audience.

    • beestonia says:

      check the edit. If you read the original line first before, ahem, partisanly misreporting my words, you’d see the nuance.

  8. Paul Smiley says:

    Agree as above – her ‘shameful’ comment was taken completely out of context.

  9. Luke says:

    I heard her say that signing on was a shameful experience. Regardless of what she meant, that’s what she said.

    • Toffin says:

      She did not say that signing on was a shameful experience. Neither during the first discussion (general), nor the second (relating to Nick Palmer), nor the third (when Anna talked about her father).

      • Luke says:

        Well, that’s what I heard her say. So either my hearing is wrong or yours is.

  10. JS307 says:

    We all think we are right in what we heard her say. I am positive that she was referring to Nick. I am sure everyone thinks they are right too so lets drop it. It was not the most important comment of the evening but has been made out to be.

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