Not the most exciting of days, as the campaigns ready themselves for the final push. I was going to head round Broxtowe on a bike checking out how the campaigns were going, but rain, an inbox that is at bursting point and a touch of laziness scuppered that.

So it’s a short one tonight, and we’ll start with a plug. The Cafe Roya Film Club I run has a great event on this Monday at 8pm: a visit from those excellent people from the Notts Alternative Film Network who wowed the crowd a few weeks back. They have collaborated with anti-fascist, pro-peace group Hope Not Hate to bring a wildly diverse programme of high-quality shorts challenging the false, right-wing narrative regarding immigration in the UK, titled F**K UKIP. They describe it thus…

We don’t like to get too political here at NAFN. But there are some things we feel strongly about, so we’ve decided to take a stance against the xenophobia we believe UKIP is promoting. And we’ve decided to combat this party’s policies right in the heart of Hockley and Beeston alongside Hope not Hate on the 4th May.

We believe UKIP’s ideas have no place in Nottingham, and that they don’t reflect the city we know and love. In fact it’s our love for Nottingham’s vibrant society which leads us not to fear immigration, but to embrace it instead. So we’re going to fight Nigel not by imitating his demagogic slogans and promises, but by showing films which tell stories that will make people think again.

Anyone who has attended a NAFN film night knows that they have an incredible knack of selecting a wonderful mix of cropped-nafn-logo-horizontalshorts: I still meet people who were at the comedy event they put on, who will give me a conspiratorial nod and say ‘Dog Judo’ as they pass.

It’s a snip at £8  AND that includes a meal cooked up by the award winning Roya herself, served at the interval. If you fancy a ticket, drop me a line at thebeestonian@gmail.com headed ‘MONDAY’ and I’ll reserve you a ticket. More info on NAFN.


What are you up to on election evening? Well, if you’re stuck in, and fancy making a night of it, then tuning in here will be a good choice.

Five years ago, I covered the 2010 election results from a front room in Loughborough, where the woman I was dating at the time lived. I had forty cigs, and enough booze to drown a lord. My mole at the count kept me busy by sneaking out to ring me from the toilets, and due to the paper-thin difference in votes and subsequent recounts, I have little memory of typing the result.

This year will be more sedate. I have got together with a bunch of bloggers in interesting constituencies to swap news as it comes in: giving some alternative insights to the culmination of months of campaigning.

If you’re at the count itself, and fancy sending me a feel of what’s going on inside, let me know at mattgoold23@hotmail.com . Remember there are quite strict rules regarding behaviour at counts, so don’t go breaking those please. But an insider view would give it an extra dimension.

town-hall-medThe Borough election count will be ran the following morning, with results trickling in from around early afternoon. I’ve hardly covered the Borough in this blog, due to it’s much more juicy older brother, but the complexities of living in such a strange, politically pluralistic borough will take time to work out: at present the Council is ran by a Lib Dem /Labour ‘partnership’ (i’d explain the differences between that and a coalition in full detail, but, y’know it’s Saturday night. It’s bad enough that I’m sitting here, an ex-smoking teetotaller, tapping the minutiae of local  politics onto a laptop screen as the rest of the sane world happily marinates itself  in booze, so I’m going to spare you the complex constitutional stuff) but that could change: the Lib Dem vote seems up for grabs; though they are voracious targeted campaigners so losses might not reflect the national polls: we will see.


Keep the news, tips, and odd election communications coming in (got a couple of outrageous and demonstrably bollocks Tory ones to host up soon, when I have the stomach to re-read them). And worry not: in a week all this will be just a fading memory…