I now have my insider at the count, so will be blogging on Thursday from 10pm onwards. The result for Broxtowe will be announced at an estimated 4am, but I’ll be keeping an eye on other interesting local seats such as Erewash (declaring around 3am); Loughborough ( 3am); Gedling (3am); Ashfield (am); before that, with contributions from other bloggers specifically covering these counts. Sherwood, a marginal with an even narrower gap than Broxtowe, declares around 5am, so hopefully I’ll still be up to detail Mark Spencer’s defeat.

I’ll also be giving insights and anything of interest from around the UK, by spending the night / morning glued to a combo of Twitter, the telly and my inbox.

For convenience, rather than write a new blog with every update, I’ll be using one blog post which I will update when news comes in. Have this open on your computer, and hit refresh now and again, and they’ll magically appear. I’ll also post on Twitter @beeestonia – note the triple ‘e’ – when I can.

I’ll actually be at a party just round the corner from the count: I’ll be the nerd in the corner tapping at the keyboard while everyone else parties heartily.

We’re hoping to be able to break the result faster than any other news source, possibly before it is announced on TV.  Our mole will be gauging opinion, making predictions and generally doing what I should be doing if it wasn’t for the fact counts are like war :  interminable boredompunctuated by moments of terror’.

The count for the Borough elections will take place the following morning, with results expected to drib and drab in around early afternoon. I won’t be covering this in much detail – a guys got to sleep, y’know – but will get a summary up at some point, and try and provide an analysis on what this will mean for Broxtowe over the next few years.

Then that’s it. I’ll be moving on from politics and with any luck, Soubry’s awful reign in Broxtowe. Unless there is another bloody election, that is…

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