Jeremy Hunt vs the Doctors. Who do YOU trust?

As I speak, the country’s Junior Doctors are staging a walkout. You might be against them. After all, they’ve had the right-wing media machine take Hunt’s side on the debate. Not that it has proved effective, as the support for the doctors is growing. Still, a sizable majority trust Hunt over the doctors. Why? Well, Here’s the lines being span. Give it a read, and feel free to share.


We DO have a 7 day NHS already. It is utter bunkum to assume otherwise. Go to an A+E ward on a Saturday night and see if it’s busy. When my appendix went ARRRGHHH on Christmas Eve, the ambulance didn’t wait until after the Christmas holidays to turn up.
However, if you mean a 7 day NHS where you have the same range of out – patient clinics, the same routine operations as you do in the week, them great, but you’ll also have to hire all the necessary support staff: technicians, admin etc at great cost. Is that going to happen? Nope.


This is Hunt ‘s attack line right now: that the doctors have been brainwashed by a radical ‘union’. Again, balls. The mandate for the strike was staggeringly high. The insinuation that people who are trained to rigorously analyse data are somehow just idiot cattle that just obey their leaders is beyond irony from a man who would vote to eat his own genitals if the Whips Office instructed so.


They earn more than me. But I don’t save lives. They earn less than MPS (and don’t run up huge expense accounts, have all their accommodation and travel paid for and know that should it all go wrong, they’ll be retired into the Lords).They also carry upwards of £70k of student debt around with them, on a basic of £23k starting salary. Before they become consultants, GPs etc, they won’t be rolling in dough. Even if they were, they’d have no time to spend it.

The NHS is our greatest gift to ourselves. It’s ours. Everyone of us owns it equally, that’s why if you fell down in the street today your symptoms will be checked, not the colour of your money. The Tories HATE this, as it shows very simply that working together works well.

To attack the NHS, they need a battle. They’ve decided on the Junior Doctors. While this is going on, privatisation is hurtling forward, with more services being taken out of our ownership and sold to business. It’s theft.

The medical profession works from the simple start point of “Do No Harm”. The Tories have no care for harm: as long as the shareholders are happy, let the harm continue.

Who do YOU trust?