Doctor Coup

Due to a very busy few months relaunching The Beestonian magazine, setting up a new exhibition, looking after a toddler AND then doing my actual day job, I was resting this blog for a while. Co-writer Tom has also just done his finals, so was also indisposed sorting a post-uni career.

But a hugely intriguing but of gossip makes its way into my inbox, and while always reluctant to link to anything that comes from Guido Fawkes aka the thirsty much-chinny Paul Staines, but they’re reporting on a rather fumbled coup attempt from Cllr Dr John Doddy, who when not claiming the council budget will alleviate cancer (see Beestonia passim) is now positioning himself as John Redwood to Soubry’s John Major:

One thought on “Doctor Coup

  1. SueCooper says:

    Hi Matt

    I hope you and the family are keeping well.

    Just thought it may be worth mentioning that Kimberley Town Council are struggling, to put it mildly.

    If you remember when a Labour majority were on the council from 2011 -2015 we were hounded constantly by the local press and every resignation was pounced upon as evidence of discontent, especially by Soubry and Richard Jackson’s friends, the Kimberley Resident’s Association. (The majority are Tories in sheep’s clothing)

    In 2015, after a bitter election, the attack being led by Soubry and Jackson, the KRA dominated the council. However, since then there have been 12 resignations, including KRA members and at the moment there are 5 vacancies! I think it’s fair to say that the majority of Kimberley residents have no knowledge of the massive turnover of members.

    Darren Warner is attempting to be co-opted. He has been quoted in the past as saying that he was pleased that he was instrumental in removing “The Iron Fist of the Labour controlled council ” but he now feels that the council is being run for the benefit of the local Tories. (He had a letter published quoting this in the local press)

    Not surprisingly, there has been no mention of resignations in the local press and unlike the period when a local reporter was present at every full council meeting they have been conspicuous by their absence since 2015.

    Just thinking it may be worth a mention if you are starting a regular Beestonian newsletter again.

    The present council is also taking credit for the renovation work just completed on the War Memorial. What they fail to mention is that investigation into attracting funding via grants was started by the previous council, which led to structural surveys indicating work required.

    I’m sure Soubry and Jackson would see the comment but doubtful that there would be any comment from them.

    Kind regards Andy

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