• Town Hall set to be sold to Evangelical Church tomorrow

  • Further links between Cheif Executive and Evangelical Alliance

  • Call for public inquiry into Town Hall sale.

Our last post calling into question the impartiality of the bidding process for the Town Hall drew a strong reaction, and with that, some bizarre accusations.

One recurring one, which looks very much like a coordinated attack, claims we are ‘anti-Christian’ and are doing this out of spite towards the church.

This is absolutely untrue. As stated before, a secular, liberal democracy works on the principle of freedom of religion coupled with freedom from religion. That is, as a fan of secularism, a principle we live by and allows us to have friends who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi and so on. It is the backbone of a diverse and tolerant society. This concerted attempt to create a false narrative that we are all anti–theists, rather than concerned citizens demanding due-dilligence, is pretty nasty

There is also an argument that perhaps the Broxtowe Chief Executive, Ruth Hyde is only a peripheral figure in her involvement with the Evangelical Alliance, and while she may appear in the newsletter we showed last post, the association ends there.

Well, seemingly not.

Here is the website of Sutton Bonington Baptist Church, which is also under the Evangelical Alliance umbrella.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.35.16

It’s listed on the Evangelical Alliance’s own website as a church under its banner

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 13.09.14

Who is this chap, mentioned as part of the leadership team?

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.34.59

It seems that not only is the Chief Executive’s husband a member of an evangelical church, but an elder and part of their leadership team.

Now, of course this might be a different Ruth Hyde mentioned.  But if not, this is another link that surely should have been registered as a conflict of interest. Otherwise the decision-making process, where the buck stops with the Chief Executive, could look compromised.

Another slew of social media comments on our last blog made allegations of ‘brown envelopes’, ‘backhanders’ and suchlike in relation to the whole matter. We categorically DO NOT believe that is the case and still hold on to the belief that most people at the council, including councillors of all parties, are decent people with a love for the community. However, we also believe that to maintain trust in politics all perceived conflicts of interest must be declared.

That is the case we are stating. Let’s hope that’s what the one the council responds to tomorrow (Wednesday) night.


  1. CT says:

    A further ‘counter argument’ seems to be that the Evangelical Alliance is broad and consists of many churches and that, therefore, membership of one does not necessarily mean there’s a conflict of interest if the issue in question involves another church. Having worked in ‘public service’ where I was required to sign annually to say that neither I nor any of my relatives had any pecuniary or other interest in blah-de-blah, I know that this is all about transparency and that Ms Hyde ought to have erred on the side of caution and declared a potential conflict of interest, even if she thought the link was tenuous (though I don’t think it is). I have to say that, having followed the thread, I don’t personally see the ‘attack’ as ‘concerted’ (unless there’s another thread), just people feeling ‘got at’ and defending themselves and their church. However, the comments suggest to me they are being over-sensitive.

  2. Stewart Craven says:

    The Town Hall debacle is running parallel to the Redwood Crescent sell off. Town Hall two Independent valuers £450,000 and £1,000,000. Cornerstone / redeemer bid = £425,000. Redwood Crescent sold to developer £60,000 Developer (a cowboy builder) goes bust sells to Housing association for …. £300,000!!!!!! Oh.. and Broxtowe buy back surrounding and dividing land for £1,050 plus legal costs why?
    I love the word “debacle” it means exactly what I want it to mean!!

  3. Ry Lander says:

    As Mike Hyde is listed as a Led Zep fan, perhaps all this kefuffle has left him a little “Dazed and Confused” and maybe there has been a “Communication Breakdown” over the “Houses of the Holy” ? Apologies that I “Ramble On”. Do we know if the Hyde’s have a dog, and if it is black?

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