A Favour To Ask…

So here we are. It’s election eve and within 36 hours we’ll know where the country will be sitting for the next five years.

I’ve been struck down with a horrendous cold, and life is being experienced as if within a deep-sea diving suit. The occasion administration of Sudafed and paracetamol lets me enjoy temporary surfacing, before all the holes in my face clog up again and I’m back, deep in the Mariana Trench.

It’s also my birthday. And I hope these two facts serve to explain why a scheduled slew of pre-election day content – analysis, insight, rumour and psephology- will be replaced by a short piece on who I’ll be voting for tomorrow, and why.

That’ll be online soon, so in the meantime here is a way you can make this birthday special and get me what I’ve always wanted: a hopeful future for robust local journalism.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been aided in this blog by Chris Tregenza and Faith Pring, two volunteers who came forward after I put out a request on Twitter for help covering the campaigns. They both came forward, and have done a fantastic job. I’m sure you agree.

Put that appreciation into something more tangible: stick a fiver (or whatever you can) towards the fund I’m running to give them a wage for what they’ve done, making them professional, paid journalists and in a world that is still struggling to work out a way to prioritise truth, there is a a hunger for good journalism.

Every penny will go directly to the two young hacks – this blog has given me so much over the last decade I’m happy to not take a wage: if I can do my bit to pushing out new journalism, I’m happy enough.

Click here: https://www.paypal.me/BEESTONIA and thank you in advance x

2 thoughts on “A Favour To Ask…

  1. Robert Howard says:

    Matt, just added another £10 to your pot. Just hope a good few more do the same. We’d happily pay £10 a month towards a Beestonia weekly edited online ‘newspaper’ compiled by your team. Out every Saturday morning, giving us Beestonian folk ‘something for the weekend’. I’d happily write about public transport and associated activity. I’ve enjoyed your election coverage and have shared it far and wide. Right now, get your cold sorted! Classic sign of someone who’s been overdoing it and who relaxes a lttle as the finishing line comes into view and, wham bam, the ailments come down on you like a done of bricks! Thanks for all our hard work.

    • beestonia says:

      Very much appreciated Robert: in the new Year I’m going to look at possibilities of setting something up on a funded regular basis- much as I’ve achieved with The Beestonian but online and with politics, featuring new writers. This has been a testing ground and the results are positive, which is encouraging. Best, Matt.

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