Hapless Husted And The Bizarre Legal Letter(s)

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No apology.

No promised investigation.

No punishment for the man who turned up at my doorstep and demanded I don’t talk about him and his less than savory past. 

Nothing, but a legal letter. And not just one, but two. Why two? Well, that’s where the story gets even weirder, so stick with this because when it comes to haplessness, it seems Carl has chosen a solicitor’s firm on par with himself.

The first letter arrives on a Saturday. A cursory read reveals it is not exactly thought through. 

Let’s have a taste of the oddness.

  • Husted seems to be under the impression I am a Twitter account called ‘Open_Nottingham’, that tweets about local politics. While I do follow them, and they follow me, we are demonstrably not the same person. Poirot he is not.
  • Husted, in statements given to the media (most notably the BBC), claims that the police ‘were satisfied with the reasons he visited me’, which he also brings up in the legal letter. I duly asked Beeston police for confirmation of what happened with Husted, and they responded with” I can confirm that the incident was discussed with Mr Husted and he was advised that he should not attend your home address again. He was advised that if the visits continued and were reported to Police then there was a possibility that offences under the Harassment Act may be considered”. Carl Husted was less than truthful in his statement to the BBC.
  • “You allege that our client kept sending messages despite being explicitly told not to” Err, he did just that. I kept the screenshots, which were shared with the police as potential evidence. Bizarrely, the legal letter sent to me included screenshots of these very messages: a new level of gaslighting.

  • You allege that our client sent a “….slew of threats on Facebook Messenger.” Again I kept the receipts:
  • “You suggest that our client has committed a GDPR breach in attaining your address”: yep, I did make that suggestion as Husted refused to tell me how he knew. While he may have been able to find my address via the fact I’m a company director, the given name is different from the one that exists on the electoral record -evidenced when I received my poll card. This name which is not, to the best of my knowledge, in the public domain, looks very much like it was cribbed from the electoral register. I am still waiting for clarification on how my address was attained so quickly.
  • “Our client is described as “….a bigot, a bully, a liar”. Let’s break that up.
    • Bigot: judge for yourself.
    • (there’s more, including calling the very people he represented as a councillor ‘scum’)
  • Bully: well, come on….
  • Liar: Yes he is. Here’s an example. In messages to me, he insisted that he didn’t work for Darren Henry: 

It goes on, allegations that are either utterly fallacious, attributed to the wrong person and so on.

So if the list of stuff is built on foundations of dust, why did he send them? 

Husted has made many controversial statements over social media over the years. He is claiming I threaten his career as I have shone a light on them. Doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid: Husted only has himself to blame. Trying to rewrite history and refusing to accept responsibility for your actions are things Conservatives claim to be vehemently against.

Also, because Carl Husted is a bully, he’s paid the solicitors to type it up and post it out regardless. As he can’t physically come near me or my house, this is his way to try and intimidate me. I abhor bullies, so that won’t work. It is, however, causing much stress. My wife, who should be enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy relaxing and helping put the new nursery together, has been hit hard with the thought of Husted turning up at the door again.

If he is capable of that, what next? When you are advised by the police to keep all doors locked, never open the front door without checking and perhaps investing in CCTV then that’s hardly conducive to a healthy and happy life with a baby on the way. Husted is in a place of great power: all constituency matters pass through him, he has great sway with many. He knows what he is doing (in his initial messages to me he referenced the name of my infant son, my wife and the fact that she is pregnant with the Godfather-esque ‘stay safe’). These things are classic bully tactics.

Carl Husted remains in the paid employment of Darren Henry, MP.


Yet things get even weirder. Grab a drink. You will need it.

On Tuesday, a second letter arrives from Husted’s chosen firm. It’s absolutely identical to the first, with the same date, same reference code, but attached to the back is a bank statement. 

Is there a secret message in here somewhere? 

Well, if there is I have no idea what it is. Somehow, in a possible flagrant breach of GDPR, another person (a client?) has had their bank statements erroneously attached and sent out to me. I can see a whole wealth of identifying details. As a third party, and a journalist, I’m not a good person to send this to.

However, I am law-abiding and duly contact the ICO to find out next steps. They take down the details, and advise me to contact the solicitors to find out what they want doing with the information. I also file a report with them detailing the situation.

I follow this up with a complaint to the Solicitors Regulatory Association as it is a clear concern to their clients how their personal documents are handled.

It also strikes me that sending not one, but TWO letters is not exactly a sensitive thing to do when I am accusing their client of harassment. I have duly passed on a log of these incidents to the police as further evidence. 

What on earth is going on?

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2 thoughts on “Hapless Husted And The Bizarre Legal Letter(s)

  1. Naomi Cummins says:

    Hi Matt- FYI, I learnt your address a while ago- you started some neighbourhood scheme (sorry, can’t remember the details), which gave your address? Not that I am wanting to defend the tw*t!!!

  2. beestonia says:

    Indeed…but a telling detail is that the name used on the legal letters is one used only in very certain places…

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