Beestonia Takes Centre Stage; Cox to Rise Again?

Ok Beeston, I hope you have a clean shirt and have run a comb through your hair as we’re very soon to be on display to the rest of the county.

From next week, The Nottingham Post will be focusing on Beeston for a whole MONTH. We’ll  be on the front page for the duration, and a spotlight turned upon us. They’ll be features on the history of here, the quirks, the oddness and the general character of Beeston. So if a journalist stops you in the street demanding your opinion of stuff, be nice to them, and no saying rude things about St. Apleford. Thats my job.

More info as I get it.


And while we’re on the subject of newspapers, Beeston’s most loved quasi-news periodical The Beestonian  will be reaching it’s fifth edition in a few days, which means that I, as editor, will be in a spiral of panic until the day I stagger to the printers, limping and sobbing, clutching a blood, sweat and tears PDF file to my chest, begging it to be printed. Ease my pain, and help. I’m looking for Beestonians to help me fill the column ‘The Beestonian Asks...’ by answering this: whats your predictions for Beeston in 2012? Let me know, and if it’s good, you’ll see your name in print very soon.


Could Beestonia regular  Cllr. Craig Cox continue his shin-up   the political pole? Af ter failing to become head of Conservative Future last year due partly due to the taint of being investigated for racism due to a student ‘prank’ : . His rise to become Prime Minister thus had to take a different route, first through becoming Soubry’s assistant , then taking the safe Chilwell Meadows / Toton borough seat. Now, the County council beckons. The sad death of Cllr. Tom Pettengell means that a vacancy has appeared for a County seat, and no other candidate seems likely other than Broxtowe Conservative’s Anointed One.


A couple of blogs that are well worth a look at:

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I’m also writing up a review of the year in Beestonia: it’s been a weird one, but will be up soon, as will my Beestonia Awards….keep sending me your views, had some cracking emails through so far so keep them coming.