We now have our second candidate with Darren Henry, Conservative, who met late last week with our own Faith Pring. I’ve met him before myself, when he invited me out for a drink at the Vic. I went out of sheer curiosity: you may have gathered I’ve been rather unpopular with our Conservative PPC’s over the last decade. These are – as if you needed reminding – strange days.

An interesting recent development with Henry has been his new BFF: Calvin Robinson, former Brexit Party candidate who stood down when Farage decided to cash in their deposit money for a nice holiday   stand down candidates in Tory seats. 

Calvin has been acting rather erratically online of late, and we’ve had some interesting correspondence relating to other activity which we’ll publish next week. While Henry might be grateful of the support when many of his own constitency party have been open about not supporting him, he might want to be a little wary of who he keeps company with: after all, could you trust a man who was ready to put everything on the line to attack the exact same things he’s now happily supporting? Trust and sincerity mean a lot to voters, remember… 

Over to Faith. If you’d like to help support our rookie journos, please consider a donation to our fund to ensure they’re paid: I won’t  be taking a penny myself as editor|: everything goes to our small team who are dedicating themselves over the rest of the campaign to keep you informed. Takes two mins here.

Lord Beestonia



Another day, another candidate interview, and this time we’re putting Conservative Darren Henry to the test.

Henry, a former Royal Air Force logistics officer, has replaced Anna Soubry as Broxtowe’s Conservative candidate, which means this election could cause quite a stir round here. It’s already caused some ructions in the local party. So, if you’re a keen Conservative voter, who exactly are you voting for?

“I was a logistics officer for the Royal Air Force, and worked as a Community Support Officer at a major flying station in Norfolk. I was responsible for looking after families, housing and I was a liaison with the local MP who was Liz Truss. In that job I thought ‘I’ve got a chance at a second career in this, I might just give it a go’,” Darren revealed.
“I finished in the military in 2013, and I joined the Conservative party in 2014. I got involved with them because of my parents, who were part of the Windrush generation, and their work ethic, and I also believe in the defence and security of our country. I had a go at being a businessman, and in the private sector but I preferred public service so returned to it.”
Whilst his CV and his experience would get him quite a long way in a job interview, how far will it get him in a general election? The one million pound question might be a good indicator – where does he stand on Brexit? I think we all know by now…
“In 2016 I voted Remain, but I was a reluctant Remainer, not that that matters. People


‘Reluctant’ remainer Darren Henry

are frustrated, even if they voted Remain. The people of Broxtowe voted Leave, and in the RAF we served to protect democracy, so I was motivated to support Brexit to get it done. Labour want to waste a year doing referendums, whereas the people have had enough of it. Once we get it done, we’ve got some great post-Brexit opportunities here and we can make sure we’re not forgotten.”

But surely a second referendum is still on the cards? Right?
“No, not at all. People will change their minds, I’ve changed my mind, but the people said they wanted to leave so we HAVE to leave. We don’t need another referendum just to change the outcome. People want to get on with their lives and they want you in parliament sorting out what they elected you for.”
So he can change his mind, and we cannot. Got it.
Darren’s most obvious rival in the upcoming election is Anna Soubry and the all but mysterious Remain alliance, but Darren seems to be somewhat unfazed by Anna’s presence in the constituency.
“In the past she’s been a good constituency MP but she’s lost her way. She’s determined to follow her own agenda and I don’t agree with it, others clearly feel the same way,” Darren claims.
Aside from local politics, Darren Henry is also a big fan of the Conservative party’s leader, and current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, but he’s already got a fan in Darren, and he claims his popularity spans across the country.
“He’s got a very broad appeal around the country, which will be handy. He’s got an amazing knack at getting a good team around him and he’s doing that now. I’ve met him a few times, he came to George Spencer academy and is clearly very interested (though students were confined to classrooms, even if they had free periods and other stuff to do; other students who did get put in Johnson’s proximity were told not to mention any difficult subjects if they got a chance to talk to him -Ed) There is one of two people who can win this election and Boris will definitely be the best choice.”
So ultimately, why should you vote for the Conservative’s Darren Henry to represent you in parliament?
“I’m from here (despite still being a councillor in Wiltshire), and I only ever left to serve my country. Browtowe is home, I’ve got a very very very (!) strong connection here, but I’ve got real life experience and a broader view to bring to Broxtowe. It’s going to be tight but I think I can offer more. When I close my eyes and finish my life, it’s going to be here in Broxtowe, so it’s perfect for us.”
Wow, steady on there. Do you say that to all  your constituencies you want to stand in?
If one thing was clear after my interview with Darren, he’s obviously passionate about getting Brexit done. Whether that’s enough of a reason for you to vote for him, is, as always, up to you.
Faith Pring


  1. BroxtoweBest says:

    As if he just talked about WINDRUSH like the Conservatives didn’t just betray them during the Hostile Environment policy 😂😂 whose vote is he trying to win???

  2. fgpsmith says:

    “In the past she’s been a good constituency MP” … if by that you mean cutting & pasting party statements as a reply to any emails you send her. A big difference from Nick Palmer’s personalised replies sent at all times of day.

  3. fgpsmith says:

    Also as per an earlier Beestonian article Ms Soubry also managed to secure Broxtowe the “the WORST settlement in the whole of the UK” (https://beestonia.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/snippets-anna-soubry-and-her-fake-love-of-the-greenbelt/). So if Mr Henry thinks that’s the level of good constituency MP-ing don’t expect him to do much for the area.

  4. Mark Webster says:

    Does he still live in Wiltshire which is a jolly bit away from Broxtowe Borough indeed.

  5. Ross says:

    I see there’s a picture taken in Kensington and Chelsea. Does this mean it was from his remain phase? I.e. summer 2019

  6. Ross says:

    “I was a liaison with the local MP who was Liz Truss. In that job I thought ‘I’ve got a chance at a second career in this, I might just give it a go’,” Darren revealed.”
    So Darren Henry wants a career as a politician, an MP like Liz Truss even. That will explain all the constituencies he tried to be selected for, even remain voting Kensington.

  7. […] quick postscript: it seems Brealey is a fan of this blog, judging by her Twitter […]

  8. Lynn O connor says:

    Love Darren hes just such a genuine dapper & decent, honest & honourable family man.
    P.s. You also forgot to mention hes a keen sportsman too, he loves his rugby 😊
    I’m voting for Darren as he has all the right skills & qualities to equip him for his new role

    His recent comments about payday loan sharks are spot on , some charging 325% interest.
    No wonder people get in so much debt.
    Hes absolutely right.
    People do need to be able to get more help on budgeting & help with trying to manage their money better.
    People (I hope) would prefer a hand up in life, not just handouts.
    Think what can I do for my country?, not what’s in it for me?

  9. Mrs Tate says:

    Regarding the comments about George Spencer school.
    My child attends the school and it was the new head teacher who thought it would be a good idea to keep the children in the rooms, not boris & co.
    She orchestrated the visit not him.
    Good job boris didnt have his short trousers on, as one female pupil at the school had to sit in isolation all day.
    You can Google the story.

    Also Anna soubry went to visit the school a few weeks before boris, no need for security for her.
    Despite the high levels of abuse she gets she should have had the same treatment.
    Defenately the head teacher & not Boris.
    Also my child was gutted not to meet Boris as were lots of others, but he was busy as ever getting around his daily life & had a local hospital to visit too.

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